Adopting professional modularized management, the material trade service includes storage and sale of steel pipes and medium plates, project purchase, distribution service and export trade.

1) Storage and sale of steel pipes and medium plates

The company mainly sells fluid pipes and high-pressure pipes. It mainly serves as the dealer or agency of large-scale pipe producers such as Tianjin Dawufeng, Hengyang Valin, Yantai Lubao and Jiangsu Chengde, with the standing stock of 800 to 1,000 tons. Equipped with several kinds of equipment, the company can provide a variety of services such as steel pipe pressure test, cutting, bevelling and color code spraying.

Medium plates mainly include ordinary plates, low-alloy plates and abrasion-resistant plates, which are mainly from Tianjin Steel, Shougang, Hangang, Wugang or abroad, with the standing stock of 2,000 to 2,200 tons, and the specifications of 8 mm to 220 mm. It provides not only wholesale service, but also cutting and retail service.

2) Project on-site purchase and distribution

Engineering projects require large material varieties, high material quality, short purchase period, etc. To meet the end, the company sets up regional project teams with professionals, its service network covering North China, East China, South China, Northwest China and other regions. Relying on its stock and machining capacity, the headquarters uniformly organizes and allocates various resources, and forms goods supply and detection plans as required. After customer approval, the project team is responsible for process implementation and on-site service, meeting progress demands at first time.

3) Export Trade

With foreign trade professionals and foreign project department, the company timely conducts purchase, acceptance inspection, commodity inspection, package, space booking, customs clearance, encasement, port collection, lading bill confirmation and other businesses of goods according to customer requirements and contract agreements, providing whole-course standard service for foreign customers.