By integrating several technologies and patents, the combined type heating furnace has been developed by HTC and has been used to successfully solve the problem of poor adaptability of ordinary furnaces to dimensional change of heat treatment workpieces due to their fixed specification. It fills the technical blank in the heat treatment field and provides solid technical support for large containers and structural metals, having been recognized as an innovation and breakthrough in furnace development.

The combined type heating furnace meets the heat treatment demands in the manufacture and on-site construction of large containers and structural metals in various industries, and is applied to welding stress-relief heat treatment, normalization, intermediate HT, workpiece heating, pre-heating and post-heating of welding parts, refractory drying, aging and green house, etc.The furnace structure can be categorized into fixed box type, trolley, trolley type and combined type,heating mode with electric heating,oil heating,gas heating and heating oil(gas),the electric joint, can be undertake choosing according to the actual users and requirements.

The company has several utility model patents regarding heat treatment and can design and manufacture various annealing and normalizing heat treatment furnaces and special-purpose heating furnaces according to customer demands.